These downloads are made available for people who want to help translate our videos. So all Duchenne patients worldwide, and their family, can benefit from this information.


Help us translate videos

The videos on this site should ideally be available to all children with Duchenne and their parents, and in their own language. However, it is very time-consuming to do all translations ourselves. So if you are willing and able to help us, all Duchenne families will be very grateful.


Ways you can help

1. Replace the voice over in the video file

The best way to help us is by downloading the videos text-files (scripts) and a tutorial file. You’ll find these on the right side of this page and after this you will be able to translate them. These videos are high quality versions without the voice over.
If you are a keen video editor you can add your own voice over in your native language. Or have someone (preferably a native speaker) help you do the voice over.
After you have translated, please send your file back to us so we can have them checked by a physician. This allows us to make sure everything is correct. Once everything is approved, and edited, we will add your translated version of the video to our channel.


2. Subtitles for Youtube

If you don’t have the ability to do video editing or produce a voice over, writing a translation for subtitles is another helpful alternative. Download the voice over scripts on the right, make your translation in a seperate file, and send them back to us so we can have your work checked for errors by a physician. When everything is all right we can them to the videos on our Youtube channel.


3. Translate the tutorials

Download the tutorial on the right and translate it to your native language. Then send it to us via email. We will have it checked for errors and make it available on this website.


Please send your translation proposals to

Many thanks in advance!